Saus Chamber is a Chamber of Commerce located in Bonaire, Georgia. The purpose of the Chamber is to promote business, job creation, and a strong local economy. It is our goal to make sure that Georgia is economically competitive, can attract businesses to invest, and also to make sure that our local businesses grow and become successful.

The success of a city’s businesses is an important part of the success of the city and many other aspects. When the local businesses attract investors and are prosperous, the city will also be prosperous and contribute to the country’s economy. This is why the Chamber of Commerce is so important.









Saus Chamber has many different partners and people involved with helping us reach our commerce goals and helping our businesses grow. The Chamber offers many opportunities for growth and education including investor engagement, training seminars, information sessions, human resources help, business management consultations, etc.

The Chamber is involved in all different sectors of business and commerce including education, health care, legal reform, local small business, travel and tourism, etc. Our board is very focused on making a difference in Georgia’s business environment and we have several policy committees that help them make sure that we are set up for success.