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We at Saus Chambers are trying to bring out some of the most simplistic ideas which are essential to help boost your business. We at a team of individuals who are always trying to bring innovative ways which can help your business thrive in the market.

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Modular Design

Modular design is an approach which can create with the help of unique independent parts with standard interfaces.

Unique Concepts

Unique concepts for your unique business to help ensure that the target market is reached without a problem.

Silky Parallax

Silky parallax is the process of smooth scrolling experience with having little focus on the perfor-mance.

Infinite Possibility

With us, you will find infinite possibilities of ways you can bring a business to the right light.


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    We have been in the business for more than 1o years, which has provided us with the opportunity to grow and learn.

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    We want to make sure that the approach sits well with the businesses allowing us to make better impacts.

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    We want to bring in the essence of the business into our promotions to help show the glimpse for what they stand for.

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    We know each business is unique and want to bring in new methods which can make the process better overall.

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Top 6 Differences Between Trade & Commerce


Trade, business and commerce has been part of human civilization since time immemorial. Beginning from the barter system, where people traded one good for a proportionate amount of the other, trade and commerce has come a long way to being completely digitised.

So what is Trade & Commerce?

Trade is essentially the exchange of goods for another useful tradeable commodity. Once upon a time, this used to be other goods, and this system of trade came to be known as the barter system. Later the exchange of goods changed into exchange of goods for precious metals like gold, and soon gold was minted into coins by kings during their time. However due to the unavailability of gold in such large amounts, paper money was introduced. This paper is made from cotton and linen fibres and is called rag paper. This is the most common form of money used in trade today, and based on the country in which trade is done, the currency changes. Trade occurs between either 2 parties, or more. If the trade occurs between 2 parties, it is called a bilateral trade, and if it occurs between more than 2 parties it is called a multilateral trade.

Commerce, on the other hand, is anything that aids in the exchange of goods and services from manufacturer to consumer. These activities include banking, advertising, transportation, insurance, warehousing etc.

They act as aid in the achievement of exchange.



Now that we know the meaning of trade and commerce, we can dive deeper into the detailed differences between Trade and commerce.

  • Scope: The scope of trade is narrow, whereas the scope of commerce is broad. What this essentially means is that trade is simply buying and selling of goods between 2 parties, but the scope of commerce includes much more than that. Commerce includes the roles played by trade, aids of trade like banking, advertising etc., marketing services, documents of trade, commercial organisations etc.
  • Type of Activity: Trade is considered a social activity because it involves people and goods and their interaction in society, but no direct link to the economy. However commerce is considered an economic activity because it directly contributes to the economy.
  • Nature: Trade deals with the supply and demand side of goods and services, whereas commerce deals solely with the demand side of goods and services.
  • Link: Trade occurs primarily between buyers and sellers, whereas commerce occurs between producer and manufacturer.
  • Capital: Trade generally requires more capital than commerce.
  • Employment opportunities: Since more amount of activity is done in commerce, it generally employs more people and generates more employment opportunities than trade does.

22 Incredible Small Business Opportunities for 2020

Small Business Idea

Whether you want to earn extra money, follow your passion, or are stuck up at your old job, starting your business is the ultimate solution, for your entire economic or career-related dilemma. Stay with us till the end of the article, to learn some new and innovative ideas that can be your future business prospect:

Print on Demand business

You have to take an order from a client and get it done from a third party service. You act as the middle man and earn the profit. This can be done for bags, t-shirts, hoodies and many more.


If you want to connect with your audience on what you write, then you can start with it and scale up in no time.


Home tutoring is one of the most favourable jobs that work both for passion and income.

Private Chef

Private Chef

If cooking is your forte, but hate the stressful restaurant environment, then you can consider working for an individual.

Graphic designing

If you feel you’re good at creating designs and logos, then go ahead and start your own business.

Instagram Influencer

Build a substantial amount of followers and start influencing them for a cause.

App development

There is massive money in the business. If you have the necessary programming and coding skills, then you can build applications even as a freelancer.


With the busy running world, people hardly pay attention to their chores. You can hire a few people, provide transport facility and start a business around it.



If you have relevant experience in particular filed, then you can open a consultancy that could guide the needy.

Food truck

If becoming a private chef is too intimidating for you, open a truck and gain some experience and feedback.

Food delivery

Food delivery business is making money off other’s busy schedules. Open your own food delivery business, and get in touch with cloud kitchens to increase your business.

Wedding Photographer

Your passion for photography can take you a long way if you know your way around a camera.

Personal Trainer

There is a need for good trainers who can guide their clients to achieve goals. If you’ve relevant knowledge in the field, then you can start by training people before you open your gym.

Event planning

The increasing demand for social culture and gatherings highlights the requirement of an event planner, which in itself is a growing business these days.



If you love babies, then you can start a small business to take good care of babies, while helping a working mother.

Pet care

Again, as mentioned above, pet care is similar to day-care but with animals which in most cases are dogs or cats.

Data Analyst

The increase of massive amounts of data requires a skilled professional who can handle it efficiently. This could be your future business too.


If you think you have ample content to create a channel and keep your audience entertained, then go ahead. There is big money as well.

Yoga studio

You don’t need to practice yoga to open a studio. Hire a professional and conduct classes regularly.


Some good clay/mud, a few people and devices, is all that takes to start a business.


If your hands are good with clothes, then tailor some and sell with your personalised brand name.


Bake some delicacies, hire a place and sell them out to those sweet tooth’s.



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